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InnoChem, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in the development of innovative tincompounds and processes that satisfy the demands of today’s electrical and electronic markets. It islocated in Stowe, Pennsylvania.

InnoChem's products of Methane Sulfonic Acid (MSA) based metal salts are used in electroplating forthe metal finishing and electronic industries worldwide. A pioneer in MSA-based electroplatingprocess, InnoChem has expanded its product line to include comprehensive support products, necessary for full plating line capability.

InnoChem has supplied quality tin methanesulfonate (tin MS) products and customer-focused platingbath chemicals to metal finishing and electronic industries for over twenty (20) years. Initially a privatelabel supplier to specialty chemical supply companies, InnoChem has broadened its customer baseto now directly support numerous end users.

Leadership Team Focus

InnoChem is committed to environmentally-friendly processes that provide affordable and highquality products and services to its valuable customers in the metal finishing and electronic industries.

Core Competency and Advantages

  • Classic Chemical Processes

    Classic Chemical Processes

    The InnoChem classic chemical processes consist of robust, proven proprietary processes that were developed in-house. These processes enable the company to produce affordable, high quality Methane Sulfonic Acid (MSA) based metal salts for electroplating. The proprietary manufacturing process uniquely positions InnoChem to offer Tin MS solutions varying from zero free acid up to 25% deficient in acid. This manufacturing flexibility forms the foundation of our product line’s strength. During the electroplating process, free acid content of the electroplating bath rises as tin is consumed. Traditional Tin MS products, which all contain excess free acid, cannot be added to replenish tin to the electroplating bath without exacerbating the free acid problem. InnoChem’s unique Tin MS products allow the customer to extend the life of the electroplating bath by adding no free acid or even lowering the free acid while replenishing tin to the electroplating bath. InnoChem constantly seeks to deliver improved value to customers through innovations that maximize production efficiency as well as product performance.

  • Customer Focused Processes that support Tin Plating Bath Maintenance

    Customer Focused Processes that support Tin Plating Bath Maintenance

    Using our technical expertise, Innochem is pleased to provide its valuable customers with timely and responsive technical assistance related to their operation and beyond. In support of specific customer needs, Innochem has innovated Neutrastan and Stannox which are used to increase the stannous tin in the tin and solder plating baths without adding unnecessary acid. These products are especially useful and economical in plating lines using insoluble anodes. They can also be used to neutralize plating baths with excessive acid.