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Dr. Johnson Chen

Dr. Johnson Chen
President of InnoChem, Inc.

As the President for InnoChem, Inc., Dr. Chen is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the deliveryof specialty chemical solutions to service electroplating industries, including shaping the company vision,strategizing customer development, and guiding process development.

Johnson established InnoChem, Inc. in 1996 and served in the capacity as the President and Technical

Director until late 2019, when the company ownership was transitioned to a talented leadership team as aresult of his well-executed succession plan. With his passion and exceptional capability to generate solutions that truly address issues in the electroplating operations, he developed nontraditional, cost effective, and integrated solutions and delivered these products timely to alleviate each customer's unique challenges. Inaddition, Johnson's broad knowledge base and compassion for customer's requirements allowed InnoChemto develop and produce three unique product lines, Acid-Deficit TinMS Solutions, Stannox, and Neutrastan,which the company's valuable customers rely on and are not available from any other source.

Prior to founding InnoChem, Johnson discovered and developed novel chemical reactions that led to thecreation of the HECTRIO, Inc. which he co-founded with colleagues in 1990. With his persistent curiosity andvigilant observation, he mastered the development of new processes from a test tube, to bench-top, toprototype, to production operations including customizing the required process equipment. Johnsonaddressed each and every technical challenge as the process transitioned from a traditional chemical processto an environmental-friendly process. With his commitment to continuous improvement, timely delivery ofexceptional quality products is a foundational value for InnoChem .

From 1978 to1990, Johnson was a Senior Research Scientist at Pennwalt Corp (now Arkema Chemicals)Research Center in King of Prussia, PA. He successfully executed environmental related projects andaddressed production challenges of key chemical product development, all with exceptional creativity. Throughthese assignments, he fully developed his knowledge of energy-efficient strategy and problem solvingapproach for large-scale environments such as production operations.

Johnson worked on two research projects at the Atomic Energy Institute and the Petrobras in Brazil after hegraduated from the Ohio University, in Athens, OH, with a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry (1974). He attendedseveral technical seminars and non-degree courses to strengthen his leadership and language acumen throughout his career.

He was born in Tainan, Taiwan and graduated from Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan with a B.S degreein Chemistry (1966). Johnson and his wife Sarah have two children, Alvin of Basking Ridge, NJ and Phyllis ofReston, VA. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, in particular their six grandchildren. His hobbies include fishing, gardening, hiking, and music.

As immigrants, Johnson and Sarah believe in the power of education. They cofounded the Perpetual JourneyInitiatives and Charity Fund in 2013 to support the development of disadvantaged youth.