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Stannox (Tin Replenisher)

STANNOX, the latest tin replenishment product from Innochem, is a source of highly concentrated stannous tin in a fluid base. It offers particular advantages for electroplating installations where metal replenishment by the addition of solution concentrates leads to chemistry imbalance. STANNOX can be used for tin replenishment in acid tin plating bath to provide the metal component in new solution make-up.


Stannox is a most innovative, easy to be dissolved, tin source of highly concentrated stannous tin in a fluid form 

Product Specification

Stannous tin: 45% – 60%

Lead: < 100 ppm

High to neutral pH Stannox replenishes tin content, in the meantime, neutralizes the excessive free acid in the Tin Sulfate plating baths

Environmental friendly Stannox is most cost effective and user friendly – no impact on production

Product Value: Reduced User Operating Cost, Affordable Pricing, Quality Assured, On-time delivery, Customer Product Support

Available in 11-lb plastic bags containing 6-lbs stannous tin

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