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MSA 70%

The product is a 70% aqueous solution of methane sulfonic acid (MSA). MSA is a strong organic acid. MSA undergoes biodegradation by forming CO2 and sulphate. It is considered a green acid as it is less toxic and corrosive in comparison to mineral acids. The aqueous MSA solution has been considered a model electrolyte for electrochemical processes. 

Product-MSA 70%

MethaneSulfonic Acid (MSA) 70%:

CAS Number 75-75-2

Signal Word: Danger,  Corrosive effect on metals

HazMat: UN 3265

Hazard Statement: H290, H312, H302, H335, H314, H402

Not flammable

Is stable if stored and handled as prescribed

Hazard Code: Health: 3, Flammability: 1, Reactivity: 0 

Product Specification

Weight %:   70%

Density:  1.35 g/cm3  at 20oC

Product Value: Price Advantage, Quality Assured, On-time delivery, Product Support to Customers

Available in 55-gallon drums and 250-gallon tote

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