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Tin(II) Methane Sulfonate Solution, 400 g/L

Tin(II) methanesulfonate solution 400 is an electroplating material and corrosion inhibitor from InnoChem. Electroplating allows industrial manufacturers to use less expensive metals or plastics as the base of their products while applying a thin layer of a more expensive metal on top of this base for aesthetic purposes, protection, as well as other physicochemical purposes.

Product-Tin(II) Methane Sulfonate Solution, 400 g/L

Tin (II) Methane Sulfonate Solution containing: 400 grams of Tin per liter

Product Specification

Stannous Tin: 390 – 410 g/l

Free Methane Sulfonic Acid: < 80 g/l

Specific Gravity: 1.64 – 1.70

Copper:  6 pmm Max

Zinc:  4 pmm Max

Lead: 40 pmm Max

Appearance: Clear

Product Value: Price Advantage, Quality Assured, On-time delivery, Customer Product Support

Available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 250-gallon tote