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TinMS 400 DA20

DA-20, the latest tin product from Innochem, is a source of highly concentrated stannous methane sulfonate. Common generic tin methane sulfonate contains elevated levels of free methane sulfonic acid (MSA) resulting in acid growth within the electrolyte during the plating operation. 

Product-TinMS400 DA20

To maintain process efficiency it is therefore necessary to dilute the plating solution and add tin to return to optimum plating parameters. The use of DA-20 prevents acid build up from tin concentrate additions and removes excess free acid developed in the course of the plating operation.

TinMS400 DA5 is a specially developed Acid Deficit product, Tin (II) Methane Sulfonate Solution, contains 20% less of the bonded Methane Sulfonate acid 

One liter of TinMS400 DA20 product contains:

400 g/l of Tin

512 g/l of Acid (20 % less of 640 g/l acid)

Removes excess free acid built up in the tin plating bath - No more acid build-up issue anymore!

Customized various degree of Acid Deficit products (DA10, DA15, etc.) that suitable for specific operations

Product Value: Reduced User Operating Cost, Affordable Pricing, Quality Assured, On-time delivery, Customer Product Support

Available in 55-gallon drums and 250-gallon tote